Get ready for some exciting wedding trends in 2023! Weddings are all about celebrating love and coming together, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish and unique. Forget about the traditional and predictable, because this year is all about embracing modern and meaningful touches. From the trend of petite bouquets to the private last dance, there are plenty of ways to make your wedding day truly yours. And let’s not forget about the love drunk photos, low-key hair, nontraditional guest books, colorful dresses, live houseplant decor, and even getting ready together as a couple. With these fresh ideas, your wedding will be one for the books!

Petite Bouquets: A Trend for 2023 Weddings


Weddings are a special celebration of love and unity, but they can also be overwhelming with the stress of planning and coordinating various details. However, amidst the chaos, there are some trends emerging for 2023 weddings that add a touch of modernity and meaning to the big day. These trends create a personalized and memorable experience, making the wedding truly feel like yours. From petite bouquets to embroidered fashion, let’s explore these trends and how they can enhance your wedding day.

Petite Bouquets

Definition and Meaning

According to Pinterest Trends, petite bouquets are becoming a popular choice for wedding florals. Unlike the extravagant and abundant arrangements of the past, these handheld bouquets feature delicate and dainty blooms such as lily of the valley, lilac, astilbe, and lavender. The smaller size not only looks elegant but also provides practicality, allowing the wedding dress to take center stage as you walk down the aisle.

Pinterest Trends

Pinterest is a hub for wedding inspiration, and the rise of petite bouquets is evident on the platform. Brides-to-be are seeking out this trend as they plan their wedding, appreciating the understated beauty and simplicity it brings to the overall aesthetic.

Chic Handhelds

The beauty of petite bouquets lies in their handheld nature. They are easy to carry, allowing the bride to have a more relaxed and comfortable experience throughout the day. The smaller size also makes them ideal for bridesmaids, who can hold these chic bouquets without feeling overwhelmed or weighed down.

Dainty Blooms

The choice of dainty blooms adds a touch of delicacy and romance to the bouquet. These flowers exude elegance and refinement, perfect for brides who prefer a more minimalist and feminine look. The petite size also allows for creative arrangements, as the blooms can be intricately woven together to create a stunning visual effect.


Aside from their aesthetic appeal, petite bouquets offer practical benefits. Wedding dresses can be quite expensive, and by opting for a smaller bouquet, the focus remains on the gown itself. This not only allows the bride’s attire to shine but also offers a budget-friendly option for brides seeking to cut down on floral expenses.

Petite Bouquets: A Trend for 2023 Weddings

A Private Last Dance

Importance of Last Dance

As the wedding day progresses, time seems to fly by, leaving couples yearning for more moments together. The last dance of the evening holds significant importance, as it allows the newlyweds to cherish the final moments of their special day. It marks a moment of reflection and celebration before embarking on their new journey as a married couple.

Closing Out the Festivities

With the trend of a private last dance, couples are opting to have an intimate moment together, away from the prying eyes of their guests. By closing out the festivities with this private dance, they can focus on each other and soak in the magic of the day without any distractions.

Reflecting on the Day

The private last dance provides an opportunity for the couple to reflect on their wedding day. It allows them to discuss their favorite moments, relive the emotions, and reminisce about the journey they have taken to reach this milestone. This reflection adds depth and intimacy, creating a meaningful experience that will be cherished forever.

Quality Time for the Couple

Amidst the whirlwind of the wedding day, couples often find themselves constantly surrounded by family and friends. The private last dance carves out a moment of solitude for the couple, allowing them to connect on a deeper level. It gives them the chance to share their thoughts, hopes, and dreams for the future, creating a bond that will strengthen their relationship.


Privacy is a luxury on your wedding day, as everyone wants to congratulate and celebrate with you. However, the private last dance offers a much-needed break from the crowd. By having this moment alone, couples can fully immerse themselves in each other’s presence, savoring the quiet intimacy and creating memories that are exclusively their own.

Love Drunk Photos

The Rise of Authenticity

In an age where authenticity is celebrated, wedding photography is embracing a new trend. Love drunk photos capture the joy, excitement, and bliss of the wedding day in an authentic and candid way. These images aim to showcase the raw emotions and imperfect moments that make the day truly special.

Blurring Perfection

Gone are the days of overly posed and heavily retouched wedding photos. Love drunk photography embraces imperfections, blurring the lines between what is traditionally considered “perfect.” Instead of flawless poses and staged smiles, these photos capture the genuine happiness and love radiating from the couple and their loved ones.

Editorial, Documentary-Style

Love drunk photos have a distinct editorial and documentary-style look and feel. They tell a story, capturing the essence of the day with honesty and artistry. The focus is on creating a visual narrative that reflects the couple’s unique love story, rather than conforming to traditional wedding photography norms.

Candid and Imperfect Shots

Candid shots play a significant role in love drunk photography. These genuine moments, whether it’s the bride wiping away a tear or the groom stealing a glance at his partner, are what make the wedding day truly memorable. Imperfections are celebrated, as they represent the authentic emotions and human connections that make weddings so special.

Capturing Bliss

Love drunk photos are all about capturing the bliss and euphoria experienced on the wedding day. They freeze those moments of unfiltered happiness, allowing the couple to relive the emotions for years to come. These photos serve as a reminder of the love and joy that surrounded them on their special day, preserving those fleeting moments forever.

Petite Bouquets: A Trend for 2023 Weddings

Low-Key Hair

Moving Away from Formality

Formal hairstyles have long been a staple of weddings, but in 2023, couples are embracing a more low-key approach to hair. The trend is moving away from overly intricate updos and elaborate hairstyles, instead focusing on elevated versions of everyday styles.

Elevated Everyday Style

Brides want to look like themselves on their wedding day, embracing their natural beauty and personal style. By opting for elevated everyday hairdos, they can maintain a sense of familiarity while still feeling like a bride. This trend allows for more relaxed and comfortable hairstyles that complement the overall aesthetic of the wedding.

Sleek Blowout

One popular low-key hairstyle is the sleek blowout. This polished yet effortless look adds elegance and sophistication without being overly formal. It’s a versatile style that can be adapted to different hair lengths and textures, making it suitable for a wide range of brides.


For brides who prefer a more playful and modern look, the high-pony is an excellent option. This hairstyle offers a youthful and energetic vibe, while still exuding elegance and poise. It’s a great choice for brides who want to showcase their facial features and create a sense of height and elongation.

Beachy Waves

Beachy waves never go out of style, and they are perfect for brides seeking a bohemian or romantic look. This effortless hairstyle adds texture and movement, creating a relaxed and carefree vibe. Whether your wedding is by the ocean or in a traditional setting, beachy waves bring a touch of effortless beauty to the overall bridal look.

Nontraditional Guest Books

Fresh Ways to Say Good Luck

Guest books have long been a staple at weddings, where guests leave messages of love and good wishes for the couple. However, in 2023, couples are opting for nontraditional guest books that offer a fresh and creative twist on this tradition. These alternatives create unique keepsakes that reflect the couple’s personality and interests.

Creative Takes on Guest Books

Voice messages recorded with old-fashioned telephones, greetings written on the back of polaroid photos, and well wishes signed on wooden Jenga pieces are just a few examples of the innovative guest book alternatives gaining popularity. These creative ideas allow guests to express their love and support in a more interactive and memorable way.

Voice Messages

Old-fashioned telephones or voice recording devices are making a comeback as a unique guest book option. Guests can leave heartfelt messages, advice, or even sing a special song for the couple to cherish. This interactive experience adds a personal touch and creates lasting memories.

Polaroid Photos

In the age of digital photography, polaroid photos offer a tangible and nostalgic keepsake. Guests can take instant photos and leave them in the guest book, creating a visual collection of memories from the wedding day. This alternative allows for spontaneous and candid moments to be captured, reflecting the joy and celebration of the event.

Wooden Jenga Pieces

For couples who enjoy board games, wooden Jenga pieces make for an excellent guest book alternative. Guests can write their well wishes, advice, or personal messages on each piece, creating a personalized and interactive keepsake. This unique guest book will become a cherished memento, reminding the couple of their special day whenever they play the game.

Petite Bouquets: A Trend for 2023 Weddings

Colorful Dresses

Highlights from Bridal Fashion Week 2023

Bridal Fashion Week 2023 showcased an array of stunning and colorful dresses that deviated from the traditional white gown. Designers embraced vibrant floral prints, billowing sleeves, detachable skirts, and sheer fabrics, creating a playful and unexpected fashion statement for the modern bride.

Billowing Sleeves and Detachable Skirts

Billowing sleeves and detachable skirts added drama and versatility to bridal fashion in 2023. These design elements allow brides to transform their wedding dress from ceremony to reception, offering a dynamic and unique look throughout the day. The billowing sleeves create a romantic and ethereal vibe, while detachable skirts provide flexibility and freedom of movement.

Sheer Fabrics

Sheer fabrics made a bold statement on the Bridal Fashion Week runways. Delicate and translucent materials added a touch of sensuality and modernity to wedding dresses, without compromising elegance and tradition. Sheer panels, illusion necklines, and see-through overlays created a captivating and alluring bridal aesthetic.

Vibrant Floral Prints

Gone are the days of solely white bridal gowns. Bridal Fashion Week 2023 showcased the beauty of vibrant floral prints. From bold and colorful patterns to subtle and romantic designs, these dresses exuded a playful and whimsical charm. Floral prints add a touch of freshness and vibrancy to the overall wedding aesthetic, making the bride stand out in a sea of traditional white.

Pastel Pink

Pastel pink emerged as the new white in bridal fashion for 2023. This soft and romantic hue offers a contemporary twist on the traditional white gown. Pastel pink dresses create a dreamy and feminine look, perfect for brides seeking a unique and memorable aesthetic. The timeless elegance of pink adds a touch of sweetness and charm to the wedding day.

Live Houseplant Decor

Millennials’ Influence

Millennials are known for their love of houseplants, and this trend has made its way into the wedding scene. Live houseplant decor brings a touch of nature and sustainability to the wedding venue, creating a unique and eco-friendly ambiance. Millennials are redefining traditional wedding decor by incorporating their passion for plants into their special day.

Sustainable Choice

Choosing live houseplant decor instead of cut flowers aligns with the growing trend of sustainability in weddings. Live plants can be repurposed after the wedding, adding a lasting symbol of love and the environment to the couple’s home. This choice reduces waste and contributes to a more eco-conscious wedding celebration.

Greenhouse Oasis

Live houseplants create a lush and vibrant atmosphere, transforming the wedding venue into a greenhouse oasis. From English ivy climbing up the ceremonial canopy to monstera plants adorning the dance floor, the addition of live plants brings a sense of tranquility and natural beauty to the space. The lush greenery provides a backdrop that is both visually stunning and environmentally friendly.

Money Tree for Good Luck

A popular choice in live houseplant decor is the money tree, which is believed to bring good luck and prosperity. Placing a money tree next to the donation box sends positive vibes to the couple, symbolizing their hopes for a prosperous and abundant future together. This unique and meaningful element adds a touch of symbolism to the overall wedding decoration.

Decoration Ideas

Live houseplants can be incorporated into various aspects of the wedding decor. From using potted plants as centerpieces to arranging hanging plants to create a cascading effect, there are endless possibilities to bring the beauty of nature indoors. Additionally, incorporating plants that hold personal significance to the couple, such as their favorite flowers or plants from their childhood homes, adds a personalized touch to the overall wedding decoration.

Petite Bouquets: A Trend for 2023 Weddings

Couples Who Get Ready Together

One traditional aspect of weddings is the separation of partners until the ceremony. However, modern couples are rewriting the rules and opting to get ready together on their wedding day. By spending this time in each other’s company, couples create a sense of intimacy and calm amidst the excitement and nerves.

Embroidered Fashion

Statement-Making Fashion

In 2023, to-be-weds are using fashion to make a statement. Embroidered fashion has become a prominent trend, with couples choosing to sew heartfelt messages onto gloves, veils, and dresses. These unique and personal touches add an extra layer of meaning to the wedding attire.

Sewing Heartfelt Messages

Embroidered fashion allows couples to express their love and commitment in a tangible and visible way. By sewing heartfelt messages onto their attire, they carry these sentiments with them throughout the day. From traditional wedding vows to personalized messages, the embroidery becomes a symbol of their unique love story.

Celebrities Leading the Trend

Celebrities have played a significant role in popularizing embroidered fashion. Hailey Bieber’s “Till Death Do Us Part” veil and Kourtney Kardashian’s “Family, Loyalty, Respect” dress at her Italian nuptials are just a few examples of the trend in action. With celebrities leading the charge, embroidered fashion has gained momentum and become a must-have for fashion-forward couples.

Alternative Stitching Suggestions

Embroidered fashion opens up a world of creative possibilities. Couples can choose alternative stitching suggestions that reflect their personalities and sense of humor. From playful phrases like “I Haven’t Slept in a Month” to lighthearted requests like “Where’s the Open Bar?”, the embroidery becomes a conversation starter and adds a touch of whimsy to the wedding attire.

Personalized Touch

Embroidered fashion allows couples to infuse their wedding attire with a personalized touch. Whether it’s a beloved quote, a significant date, or a tribute to a loved one, the embroidery becomes an integral part of the overall bridal look. This trend adds depth and individuality, making the wedding attire truly unique to the couple.

In conclusion, the trends for 2023 weddings offer a fresh and modern approach to the traditional celebration of love. From petite bouquets to embroidered fashion, these trends allow couples to personalize their wedding day and create memories that reflect their unique love story. By embracing these trends, couples can make their wedding truly feel like theirs and ensure a memorable and meaningful experience for themselves and their guests.

Petite Bouquets: A Trend for 2023 Weddings

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